Yaala and Amaryah Yisrael: Lip glosses are Poppin and They Are All Natural Too!

Lil Mama lip gloss might be poppin, but she isn't the only one who's lip gloss is poppin. Owners Yaala and Amaryah Yisrael of Daughters of Zion aka DOZ Gloss have a variety of their own poppin lip glosses and they are all-natural too. This sister duo has come up with their very own lip gloss line that has all-natural ingredients. Using shea butter, and natural oils as some of the main ingredients, making sure that their customer's lips are well hydrated and juicy. Being young entrepreneurs, Yaala 16yrs old, and Amaryah 13yrs old has had an early lesson learning how to balance. Each day they use as a new opportunity to grow, learning how to better manage their time. Through the support of family, they can take on any challenges knowing that being the boss can happen at any age.

The idea of owning their own lip gloss first came about, when their mother Jaala Yisrael suggested to them. Not being 100% sure at first, they eventually came around to the idea. This doesn't come as a surprise since their father Kwame Yisrael use to have his own skincare line. I guess you can say entrepreneurship runs deep in their blood. So Daughters of Zion glossed was born. The Yisrael sisters didn't want to make just any kind of lip gloss, they wanted something that it was natural and a lot healthier for the lips, "We want to make a lip gloss for all girls" Yaala continues, "Also making our products natural, with natural ingredients that heal the skin and don't damage your lip" she said. With their mother investing in their business, they did just that. They created a lip gloss line that is all-inclusive and helps improve lip health.

As new entrepreneurs, they have a lot on their plate. Running a business alone is a full-time job and then some. Add homeschooling and volunteering at a learning center teaching preschoolers and 1st graders, they are doing one heck of a juggling act. Learning how to prioritize time is vital to any successful business person. Finding time is something that the Yisrael sisters are still trying to master. Thankfully they have support from family and each other to help take them to new levels. They know that if this is something that they want, they have to put in the work 110% and balance is a part of it, "business is apart of life" Yaala said.

Giving that they are still very young and new to entrepreneurship, they have acquired a lot of knowledge and experience in a short amount of time. They know that they still have a long way to go to reach their ultimate goals. They do not let their ages affect their ability to what they can achieve and advise others to do the same, "You might think you're too young to do something, but you can do it now. You don't have to wait until you're an adult" Amarayah said. Yaala adds, "Follow your dreams. Learn to stay consistent and motivated. What you put in is what you get out of it."

With each passing day, the future is looking brighter and brighter for the Yisrael sisters. They have been blessed to sell their lip glosses in a salon called The Loc Lounge Salon (located in North Carolina), owned by their cousin Tushiyah Yisrael. I told you entrepreneurship runs in the family. They have plans on expanding the lip gloss line to lip scrubs, really tending to the customer's lip needs. Hoping for continued success they are moving forward tackling any obstacle standing in their way. Proving that you can boss up at any age.

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