Get It Girl: Subscribe to these 10 Youtubers if you thought about or a new entrepreneur

Are you on a journey starting a new business, or even thinking about becoming a #girlboss, or maybe you already have a business? Whichever phase you are in, it always important to be well informed when starting a business and it never hurt to learned new tips to help improve your business. There is so much information out on the internet, it can get confusing and you can fall down the rabbit hole really quick. To avoid some of the pitfalls you may come across, I have shifted through these internet streets to find you 10 amazing Youtubers to get your business journey all the way together! They are a must subscribe no matter what your business may be, dropping entrepreneurial gems that are sure to help you flourish. Keep reading to learn about these dopea** YouTubers.

  1. Patricia Bright- Channel The Break

You may know this beauty from her try-on hauls and reviews on her personal Youtube channel Patricia Bright. She has been in the youtube business for some time now and knows a thing or two. She is the founder of the platform The Break, which is "for women wanting a big break, to navigate life like a boss and make money moves". She gives tips on how to budget, on being an influencer, and much more. Check her out learn more about her platform on The Break

2. Erin on Demand

Specializes in helping entrepreneurs grow and thrive, whether you're a side hustler, business owner, or content creator. She uses 3 pillars: Social media marketing, brand strategy, and productivity to help you create stand-out brands on your websites and social media. Learn more about her on

3. The Find Guru

She has a youtube playlist dedicated to business. She has videos documenting her journey on how she started an online business with just $500. Check her and many more of her business tips on her youtube channel.

4. Lyn Allure

Looking to refresh and change your mindset? Well look no further Lyn Allure's youtube channel is filled with videos that will get you a millionaire mindset. She discusses tips on side hustles, financial freedom, how to grow your business, and much more. Visit Lyn Allure to learn more about her and everything she has to offer!

5. Jance Chartae

Are you trying to start your own online boutique or already have one, but need some assistance with growing your business? Jance is the CEO of The Boutique Academy and has a youtube channel is filled with gems that can help you get started and grow. Her mission " is to shed light on the realities of launching and growing an online boutique to profitability". Interested in learning more? Go and visit Jance Chartae

6. Jasx Aigner Taught Me

This Youtuber and entrepreneur is in the business of helping people to start, grow and scale their e-commerce store. She has a youtube channel that full of amazing tips to help your business and becoming more knowledgeable about this you didn't even know you needed. Join and visit Jasx Aigner and watch your business reach new heights.

7. Troyia Monay

This boss babe is a business coach that teaches women how to launch and grow online businesses. Her youtube channel offers tips like how to start a business with no money and marketing strategies. Her channel is a wealth of knowledge and if you want to work or learn more about Troyia Monay check her out.

8. We Side Hustle

Looking for ways to grow your following or maybe want to make sales on social media with a small following? No worries, this Youtuber got you covered. She helps entrepreneurs and content creators grow their businesses online. You can learn more on her channel and get resources by visiting WeSideHustle

9. Destiny Adams

An entrepreneur, influencer, content creator, business owner, and educator. This girl boss knows first hand how to start and run a business. From her own personal experience, she shares valuable tips and information on her youtube channel. From learning how to build business credit to how to write a business, there is an abundance of business knowledge that one can learn from. Check her out and learn more about Destiny Adams today.

10. The Brand Hustler

Are you trying to level up on your business branding? Or need to level up your business in general? Well, there's no need to look any further. Shanelle Q is a Brand Strategist, she helps female hustlers overcome marketing hurdles by rebranding their product-based business. Her youtube channel discuss topic such as rebranding and if it's a good idea? Also, she touches on topics on how to boost your sales on Instagram. Tune into her channel and watch you learn a thing or two about branding your business.

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