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5 Things High School doesn't Prepare You For

High school helps prepare you for a lot of things like how to study multiple subjects in a certain time frame, the capital of all 50 states and even how to navigate social circles and find your own tribe. In high school there are a lot of lessons learned in and outside the classroom, but there are some things high school does not touch on. No worries, we've got you covered. Here are five things we feel that are just as important as calculus that high school doesn't necessarily teach.

1. How to finance a car a. Most of us begin driving lessons and go to take our driving test while still in high school. However, the on-site driver’s educational course does not tell you how to finance, lease or negotiate the price of a car. It’s simple too: go into the dealership with good credit (or a co-signer) make sure the down payment is at least 15% of the total worth of the car. If you are financing or leasing a used car, make sure to test drive it right to a trusted mechanic for your own investgation, negotiate the price from there. If the car is new and you are leasing, make sure the lease is not too good to be true. For example: a drop top Lexus for 250$/mo and 15,000mi over three years is NOT A GOOD DEAL!

2. How to budget and pay on your student loans for college a. This one most graduates are still trying to figure out. The trick is to be successful in high school so you are able to apply for as many grants and scholarships as possible. There is a scholarship for everything. (Because people that have made it out of college and become successful give back, they were once in your shoes) b. The real budgeting part comes mostly from strategy. How much do you make? How much are your bills? How much do you spend on groceries? What money do you consider spending money? Spending money simply becomes Saving Money. Save while you’re still in school. Were you awarded a refund? Pay that money directly to student loans in that moment: do not go to Miami, do not use it for a down payment on a car and most certainly do not use it to buy bundles/shoes/bags. Pay it right back.

3. How to avoid drama a. The high school hallways are so small. The gossip spreads faster than wildfire. Thus making it easier for you to get caught up into drama that which you don’t belong in. Being that a college campus is bigger, the world is bigger and in most cases your once in your career will be bigger. You think it would be easier to avoid certain people. Wrong! You will naturally gravitate towards what you are, if you practiced fighting and were always in drama in high school, this mentality will stick with you unless you change it now. You cannot fight with nor argue down everyone. 4. When to give up  a. You actually don’t ever give up. Like, never. You were made to be stronger than that. “A winner never quits on themselves” 5. The proper studying methods a. High Schoolers are lazy! We’d rather party, lay around, go to games and dances. Studying is only for the day before a test. Sure. That works. When you have the class five days a week. However, in college you could end up with a two-hour class once a week, studying is required to be completed on an ongoing daily basis. 15 minute intervals per course for two to three hours is recommended. The deadlines for homework are always closer than they appear.

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