Word on the Street, Birkins Aren't it: Shop These Black Designer Purses

The great debate of the infamous Birkin bag, is it something that you need, or is it just extra hyped? The internet has been buzzing, especially when a video of the rapper Saweetie went viral after she made the comment, "If he not getting you a Birkin, if he not paying for your bills, then throw that n**** back to the streets," she said. This caused a flood of comments on social media from all sides stating their opinion. If you don't know what a Birkin bag is, it is a designer handbag made by French leather goods company Hermès. The price ranges from $40,000 to $500,000, which is quite a splurge.

There has been so much emphasis on this bag, that people are literally getting into full fledge arguments. With all this controversy surrounding the designer bag, it brought up the conversation of why don't we support black designers the same way we support white designer brands? This is a great question, why don't support our own designer brands in our community? They deserve the same amount of recognition that our counterparts do. With that being said we have found some amazingly talented black designers that will make you want to give all your coint to them. Checkout these black designers and support black-businesses.