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Last Minute Halloween Hacks

So, it’s the night before Halloween and you’ve just decided to go out, but you have no costume. You still have no idea what you want to dress as, but you want to have fun! Here are a few quick, easy, and affordable last-minute costume inspirations. You may even have some of these in your closet already! We’re going to start this list off easy with everyone’s go to a black cat. No matter if it’s the day before Halloween, a week before, a month before, or even the day of stores like Walmart and Target will always have the cat ears and tail pack on their shelves that you can grab for literally $5 ($4.98 to be exact)! Once you get the ears and tail you can go home and pair them w a simple all black outfit and draw on some whiskers and you’ve got a quick, easy, cut, $5 costume! The same can go for a bunny! Another easy Halloween DIY, A celebrity! Celebrities always have so many iconic looks that we could never wear out on a regular day, that is why Halloween is one night of the year that you can be whoever you want to be and wear whatever your heart desires! The late great, Aaliyah, is probably the most notable DIY Halloween costume each year. Dressing as her is as simple as a Tommy Hilfiger (or any navy blue or red) sports bra pair with baggy denim or sweat pants with a simple bandana tied around long flowing hair! Although Aaliyah is the most done there are other iconic characters such as Ashley Banks, Cher from Clueless, and Cardi B. These celebrity looks are also achievable for couples as many people chose to go as Beyonce and Jay-z with matching denim fits, or J.lo and Diddy with matching white fits.

Children’s stories may seem childish, but they make for very fun, easy, and nostalgic costumes. Take another trip to Walmart but this time grab a $5 red cape (a red jacket with a hood will also do the trick) and pair it with either an all black or all white fit underneath and you have just created a Little Red Riding Hood look! You can always jazz this outfit up with a pair of dark sunglasses and a wicker bag as a “basket” for added sassiness.

While we’re discussing nostalgia, classic cartoons are always a good go to! Our good sis Kim Possible gave us such as classic Halloween look and didn’t even know it! All you need to “slay” Halloween like KP is a black crop top and baggy cargo pants. SpongeBob SquarePants is another very simple one. SpongeBob is as simple as brown shorts or a brown mini skirt, short sleeve white button up with a red tie, the classic tube socks, and plain black shoes! One that hasn’t been overdone is the Fairly Oddparents! This one is a little slept on because a lot of people tend to forget about this classic show! This couples look is as simple as a yellow shirt paired w black tights and a white button down & black tie paired with black pants. One person does pink makeup or accessories while the other does green, and BOOM you’re serving Cosmo and Wanda realness!

Group costumes are also possible to DIY and get straight out of your closet! A very popular DIY group costume is Kids Next Door! All it takes to achieve this costume for a group of 5 is a red sweater paired with black or gray tights or shorts, a blue t shirt with black tights, long sleeve green t shirt or hoodie, and a blue button down paired with khaki pants. The Proud Family is another one for a group of friends! Honorable mentions are Destiny’s Child, The Minions and The Scooby Doo Gang! Of course, these costumes do not have to feature all characters, if there’s only 3 of you, you can each pick which character you want to be and make it work. You can even do these solo as well!

These are just a few quick and inexpensive suggestion, there are so many more that you achieve in less than an hour and under $20! Some looks can be done by using only makeup and a plain all black or all white fit!

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