Morgan A. Owens | Dancing to an Empire from Hustle to Business

Babies, marriage and climbing the corporate ladder. Those are what most girls dream about when they are imaging what their future is going to look like after college. Not necessarily in that order, but still those are generally the goals. For Morgan A. Owens, owner and founder of both Curvy Cardio and the Morgan A. Owens Brand, she had that same exact outlook when it came to her own future. Knowing all to well that sometimes life doesn't always go as plan, she did not let it get in her way, but instead took matters into her own hands. Taking whatever life threw her way, she made her own path never giving up and taking her hustle to a full blown business.

Not a stranger to hard work Owens worked four jobs when the recession hit and she couldn't find a job in her field after college. She wanted to be able to live the life she wanted, like having her own place and spend her money how she wanted to without any restrictions, " I don't mind working for something that I want" Owens said. Eventually after two years she landed a "big girl" job at Cincinnati State in the marketing department. With her new job it also came with new found free time, which was unusual for a workaholic like herself. In the mist of all her extra hours an idea was born when a friend of hers gifted another friend a Zumba class. She thought to herself, "I can do that" she said. With her extensive background in dance she did just that, she became a Zumba instructor for two years. Growing bored with being a zumba instructor she got yet another idea from her director at the recreational center suggesting that she did her own thing. Putting her knowledge of what she knew about the business to work Owens did just that," So I took my background of marketing and branding and all my corporate skills I've learned and turned it to Curvy Cardio" she continued, "So for a little while it was like a hip hop fitness class and I would wear free t-shirts that I accumulated over the years, but once it started getting to be its own movement I was like alright I have to brand it, I have to have a name for it, I have to have to gear for it, I have to do the whole thing. So that's when it turned into more of a business instead of extra money".

Knowing how important health is especially for African American women being the number 1 demographic for heart disease, she had another reason as to why Curvy Cardio is near and dear to her heart. For Owens Curvy Cardio isn't just about being healthy, but comes from a personal journey of self love," Partly Curvy Cardio was started because I'm not the perfect body shape. Coming from historically you know a black family we have curves, we have hips, we like to eat. I came from a primarily white school so I developed a certain complex about myself, like I wasn't pretty I didn't love my self" she said," So Curvy Cardio kind of turned into a movement to inspire other young girls and older women that we don't have to be the perfect body size". Owens wanted to be somebody that they can look up to, believing that health is number one and that it is not about the perfect weight or shape, but more about making little lifestyle changes to improve your health for the long run.

Although owning your own business can be liberating, it also comes with its own set of challenges. While Owens loves what she does and works hard for everything she has achieved there are times when she has doubts. Questioning herself if people like her or if this is for her? Even loosing friends in the process. As well as having those days where things doesn't necessarily work out as she hoped . In her trying times Owens uses prayer and reprograms her mind, " When I hear a no, it's a not yet" she said. Finding new ways to go about the situation and making sure she has "receipts" to back her work up. As she continues to work on her future and what the next steps are for Curvy Cardio, she wants to teach other instructors and travel different places while still selling her merchandise online. Knowing that she won't be able to jump up and down all her life she launched her business this past June, the Morgan A. Owens Brand. The Morgan A. Owens Brand empower women, primarily of color to be entrepreneurs or level up in their careers. Doing monthly workshops that teaches women to invest in themselves.

Having her fair share of trails and tribulations she knows that there is a place for everyone at the top and wants them all to win. Not having a person in high school or college to look up to she didn't know she could own her own business let alone two. Meeting other powerful women along her journey that encouraged her she learned her own capabilities, pushing herself to new heights that she never imagine. Owens wants to let all women know their capabilities and that they can be their own boss as well, " I want women not to be content where they are, but reach for the stars. We are all capable of winning out here, we are all gifted, we are all talented, we are all multifaceted" she said. Whether it is giving women confidence through Curvy Cardio or hosting monthly events with the Morgan A. Owens Brand, she want to give women the right tools to build and win.

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