DeAngela Gill, Owner of Deedee's Butter Bar: It's Alway a great day to be #ButterdLikeABoss

Updated: Apr 27

Music, candles, or her incense is all that is needed when this #melaninboss gets into her creative space. Founder and creator of Deedee's Butter Bar, DeAngela Gill knows exactly how to create a vibe when whipping up products for her organic body butter. Known affectionately by her family and friends as Deedee, she knew from the beginning that skincare is where she wanted to be.

Being a product junkie, Deedee was always on the hunt for products that would fit her skincare needs. That tab for being a product junkie can get pretty expensive, especially when you are figuring out what works best for you. These are some of the issues that she came across in her skincare journey, "A lot of products that were available at the time were very expensive and they weren't really targeted for, I feel African- American women" she says. Deedee's search for a more natural approach in every aspect of her life is what lead her to create her very own skincare products.

She started from ground zero, figuring out what would be the best approach for her new holistic lifestyle? That is when she decided on natural body butter. Learning the ins and out of her own skin, she researched and taught herself how to make her very own body butter. Through trial and error, she soon saw her skin flourish with the right combination of ingredients. Deedee soon found out that she was not the only one in search of natural skin products that work for her melaninated skin. Her family and friends wanted the buttery goodness as well. She realized then that there was a need for it.

She started her body butter business back in 2015 under the name The Butter Bar but changed it to the name Deedee's Butter Bar. She wanted the name to be more personal to her. Being completely transparent, it took her a couple of years to get the ingredients that she was comfortable with, but even to this day she is always looking for ways to improve her products, "it's a never-ending journey to improve your products or formula" she said. One of her best sellers and a personal favorite, The Whipped Body Butter has 25 fragrances customers can choose from. She makes all her products made to order, so the customer has complete control of what goes into their order, " I curate products with the customer in mind" she says.

One of her missions as a businesswoman and creator is to educate her customers, " I can sell you my product, but if you don't know what I'm selling you or why it's going to actually work for you, then you could put your skin in a situation where it doesn't have the ability to reach it's full potential" Deedee explains. As an entrepreneur, she grinds every day to get her products out to the world. Stepping out of her comfort zone to knock door to door and showing up at events to showcase her goods. Her hustle and passion are what has led her to the many successes that she has today, but there are days where it can be challenging. In those times her customers remind her she is right where she needs to be," I'm going to be transparent. There are moments when I'm like uhh! You know what? I'm going to stop this for a while, I'm not going to do it anymore. But then I get an order or somebody tells me like oh my god your product has really changed my skin" she says.

Balancing is the name of the game and something that she still is perfecting. Being a new mom and running a business is a lot, but she tries not to be down on herself and plans accordingly. Through her own experience with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, she advises others to be gentle with themselves, "Be gentle with yourself. That's the biggest thing. Be very gentle with yourself. Know that this is all a learning process, and this journey is never-ending" she said.

With everything that comes along with running your own business; from creating quality products to proper time management, Deedee wants to make sure she also creates a great experience for her customers. One of her favorite quotes that she lives by is from Maya Angelou, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” She wants to make everyone that she meet to feel like they are in great care.

As Deedee continues her journey, she has great things planned for her future. She speaks all her dreams into existence from selling her skincare products in retail stores to eventually opening up her very own storefront. For now, she continues to sell on her e-commerce store on Etsy at You can also get your body butter fix on her new website No matter what you may be going through or what you are doing, Deedee reminds us that it's always a great day to be #ButterdLikeABoss