MelaninGirl Fitness & Wellness Workshop: Inspiring women to get real about mental & physical health

Empowerment and self-reflection is what Saturday morning was all about. Founder and Editor-in-chief Melanie Green of MelaninGirl Magazine hosted her first annual MelaninGirl Fitness and wellness workshop. MelaninGirl Magazine is an online magazine for millennial women and future generation girls of color. Her mission is to encourage every melaninated lady to be unapologetically themselves. Here to be a positive resource for the girl and women in the community. This platform is Melanin created. Melanin inspired. Melanin empowered!

Young girls and women from around the community gather Saturday morning April 24th at the Hampton Inn and suite on Short Vine, to be motivated and encouraged about their mental and physical health. The girls had the pleasure to listen to motivational Speaker and Author of Finding My Sparkle, Morgan Angelique Owens. She spoke a word of self-love, “Anything that you want change your mindset but like I said, you have to love yourself” she says. Empowering each girl to love themselves first, she encouraged them to continue to do the work on finding their own self-confidence.

Later on in the event, the ladies got their heart rate up with certified personal trainer and owner of Bodied Bootcamp Olivia James. While working out they listen to inspiring gospel music to keep them motivated with each movement. Each girl encouraged one another to keep going and to push through. James instilled a message of having a positive mindset and that you can do anything that you set your mind to. She also emphasized the importance of just getting up and moving, ”I want women to know regardless of what they look like, sound like, how tall they are. It does not matter, anybody can move, right? And when you move you feel better” she says. She finished off her segment with meditation. As they breathed in and out, cooling down. They chanted affirmations. Really letting the words sink into their mind, body, and soul.

As the event came to an end, the girls had the opportunity to mingle with one another, taking pictures, and really enjoying the comradery. They were able to buy fresh organic juice from Ru’s Juices that provided great energy after a high-impact workout. The attendees also were treated with goodie bags, which included contributions from Girls Health Period and Mary Kay (rep. Danielle Lawson). It was truly an uplifting morning, full of great conversations, motivation, and action. If you missed out, no need to worry. Green will be bringing her workshop back next year. You won’t want to miss it!