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This is not your typical dorm room: 49 Pinterest Dorm Room Decor Ideas

It's that time of year again where the temperature is slowly declining and you're starting to hear more and more about back-to-school sales. So what does that mean? All new everything for the upcoming school year. If you are a college student returning or it's your freshman year, you know about the long list of things that you have to get to prepare for school. Books, paper, pens, backpacks, and let's not forget amazing decor for your dorm room. There are so many ways you can go when it comes to decorating your room. Glam, girly, bohemian, or chic there is no wrong choice, just your choice. If you're feeling a little bit indecisive or even if you're not quite sure what aesthetic you're going for, don't worry we got you covered. Continue reading and scroll through the gallery to get your whole life with these dorm room inspirations.

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