Christina Davis: A Bite Into A Better Day

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

A Sprinkle Cookie with all its rainbow glory, that is what CEO of Davis Cookie Collection would be if she was a cookie. Just like the sprinkle cookie, Davis can relate to the array of colorful sprinkles, comparing her many life experiences and talents to the different color sprinkles on the cookie. Always using her passion for helping others, Davis allowed it to lead her way. Gaining experience that would later equip her with the tools for success. Having faith in God, she found the strength to go after her dreams, finding that life can be pretty sweet once you truly trust and believe.

Concocting different delicious cookie recipes was not always Davis dream job. A Graduate of the University of Cincinnati, she earned her bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. After landing a job at a government agency as a investigator, Davis left her job a year later. Still having a devotion to help others, she earned her Masters in Social Work. While working at UC Hospital Emergency room and attending school, Davis found relief in baking cookies and would often bring them for her colleagues and classmates. It was when one of her co-workers offered to pay her 15 dollars to bake them a dozen, she had an epiphany about starting a business. Once coming home she told her husband about her new business venture idea, though apprehensive at first he ultimately agreed to give it a try. She continued to work while chasing her dream, knowing that working in her current field just did not feel like the right niche for her. She used her strong faith and prayers to help guide her to the right career path.

Cooking and baking is nothing new for Mrs. Davis. In fact Davis comes from a long history of cookers and bakers. Her family moved from Georgia to Ohio and opened up a restaurant and club in downtown Cincinnati called Club Safari. All of the food was made from scratch and celebs like Aretha Franklin, B.B King and Little Richard played there. Even though Davis was not born around the time of the restaurant, she heard numerous stories from family members of how wonderful it was. She was inspired by these stories as well as the family members that taught her everything she knows about cooking and baking.

Having a new dream of running a cookie business was the easy part, putting her plan to action would take a lot of time and dedication. Davis continued as a social worker while working her business. Juggling work on top of running her business, being a wife and becoming a new mommy was no easy task. Lucky for Davis, she had a strong support system to help her through those tough times. Balance plays a huge role in Davis's life, especially when she became a mother for a second time two years later after her son. Support from people like her husband, who does the logistic for the business, buy ingredients and even bakes when needed, which has helped tremendously. In the times when she felt defeated, she pushed forward going above and beyond, making necessary sacrifices to keep her dream alive. She leaned on family, friends and Mortar in times of need. Mortar is a 12 week business program that helps entrepreneurs like Davis. They help provide opportunities like making the connection with the Cincinnati Zoo to sell her cookies. An opportunity that would of been a little difficult to achieve on her own. She officially resigned from her 9-5 last June. She put her full faith in her career doing something that she really enjoyed.

Through all her hard work and commitment, Davis is opening her first location in Bond Hill. An accomplishment that she didn't know would happen so soon, "I did not think that I would end up here. I didn't think I would become an entrepreneur. I knew I wanted to become a business owner one day, but I didn't know it would happen that soon". She said. Contributing the quality and unique southern cookie flavors like Strawberry Lemonade and Chocolate Chip cookie with no chocolate chips in it, for standing out against the competition. Her willingness to collaborate with others in the industry added to her success and she believes there is room for everyone to thrive. Aside from her tasty cookies she believe to, "treat others the way you want to be treated." a quote that her grandmother instilled in her growing up and lives by to this day. She continues, "customer service is a big part of the that".

For Davis providing a great experience for her customers is a major priority and believes that it is not just about the money, but giving back, "my main goal behind my business is to give back to the community. It's not about becoming rich off of cookies. My goal is to be able to give back to the Kingdom of God" she continues, "I want my storefront when it opens to be a foundation for kids, for the youth, specifically young girls struggling with low self esteem and confidence. I plan to host classes to help teach them about that". Knowing from experience from dealing with low self confidence, "I grew up in Avondale, born and raised there. I witnessed a lot of violence there. So as a little kid, even at five years old, I would hear gun shots of someone being shot and killed behind our house in the little alley way. That was all that I saw, violence. So that's what made me feel I had to work hard in life to have a different lifestyle" continuing, "As I got older, I was like no. That's when I started to realize I got to break this and I'm going to get out and be successful" Davis said. She Urges, "whatever your dream is go for it and have confidence".

With her first location opening up soon, Davis has come a long way and her future is looking brighter than ever. Already getting offers to franchise outside the city, she looks forward to the journey ahead with goals of one day expanding. For now she continues to work hard making sure that she keeps her customer's happy, "I have a huge passion for creating cookies and making my customer's smile" she said. Whenever a person is having a bad day, just know that they are one bite away to better day with Davis Cookie Collection.

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