Charisse Gibson | All For One and One For All

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

On a gloomy Wednesday evening I arrive at a local ​​neighborhood restaurant called Brew River Gastro Pub. I walked in and was I greeted by the live jazz music playing in the dining area. Looking around at the environment you can tell it was filled with familiar faces and good vibes. I quickly took a seat in the dining area waiting for my interviewee to arrive. Within minutes she did, Fox 19 Breaking News Anchor and Co-host of Morning Extra, Charisse Gibson. Wearing a turquoise head wrap that offset her lime green and black dress ensemble, she glowed as she walked towards my table greeting and giving out hugs to those along her way. You could tell that this was not just a restaurant, but more like a second home for Gibson. She gave me a huge smile as she said hello and we quickly moved upstairs for a quieter area. We were soon joined by Gibson's fellow member of Greater Cincinnati Association of Black Journalist, Which Gibson is the President, Jameeda Rucker. Being a New Orleans native she has made a name for herself here in Cincinnati in the short amount a time she has lived here. For Gibson there is never a dull moment, keeping herself busy with what seem like an endless list of organizations she is involved in, such as being a coach of the Diversity Committee, part of the True Blue Gala Committee for her Alma mater Southern University and A&M College, and Advisory Board member of A&A just to name a few. Hard work and dedication is nothing new for Gibson, these essential traits are what got her to where she is today. A strong believer in helping others, she strive to pull up others as she continue to climb to the top in her journey and shedding light to those unseen.

Being a journalist was not the first choice for Gibson. Going into college after Hurricane Katrina and working with minority youth she wanted to be a child psychologist. She wanted to understand them and felt like she could relate to them. She soon realized that being a psychologist requires math and very well spoken" she said. That is what gave her the idea that she knew she would be in television and journalism in some capacity. Once finding her niche Gibson went full speed ahead. After Graduating she took the more traditional route, truly starting at the bottom and working her way up. She landed her first job as a desk assistant at WWLTB, getting coffee, answering phones and doing anything else that was needed of her. Being where she wanted to go Gibson knew doing just her regular 7 to 8 hours was not going to cut it, "...I had a drive in me that is still talked about to this day at that station. I would work my 7-8 hrs and then say okay where do you need me to go?" she said. With great determination and hunger to succeed, Gibson continue to improved while moving her way to the top.

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