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Beauty & the Business | A Sit Down with Pure Beauty Bar Owner Sylvia Brownlee

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

On a cool gloomy November day I pulled up to a three story building, I walked to the front door and was quickly buzzed in. As I walked down the stairs I was greeted with a warm welcoming smile by the owner of Pure Beauty and Extension Bar, Sylvia Brownlee. As I walked into the shop it was a vision a glitz and glam, a black and white accent wall with a blinged out Pure sign to top it off. Business was definitely booming every chair was filled with clients getting the famous $50 sew-ins. She took me in the back room where they perform one or their many services they offer for a much quieter place talk. Always having a passion for all things beauty with an entrepreneurial spirit, she founded her business on hair obsessed and beauty driven while making sure that people feel good from the inside out. Along with a strong drive to run and own her own business she was Inspired by her daughters struggle to find good quality hair, creating her very own extension line called Hair Addict.

For Brownlee beauty had always been the goal, graduating from cosmetology school and gaining her license, she was headed in the right direction. Having accumulating 16 years of experience during her time in the industry she wanted more from it. A graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University she earned her bachelor's degree in Business Management further aiding her in her beauty business venture. With only having a short amount a time Pure Beauty Bar has made tremendous progress. Knowing the value of her gift, she extends her services to women who does not have the accessibility to get there hair done. With plans of working with the Talbert house. She wants to help women gain confidence as they prepare to take on the next phase in their lives. Brownlee said, " We as women when we look good we feel good" going on to say, "My goal is to make everyone feel pretty by looking pretty." Utilizing her talents to give back to the community for woman who has overcome any kind of hardship, a fresh start.

Being your own boss can be very exciting and overwhelming at the same time. When you take on a lot of responsibility while learning every aspect of the business you can can find yourself at a lost. Having people to talk to is very vital and can help you when you hit a road block. For Brownlee, along her journey she had and still have many mentors, " I have several mentors, one who is here who actually owns this building Dorthea Jones, she is like an amazing mentor for me, um as far as just getting your accounting in order, your insurance in order, just how to run your business from beginning to end......." Brownlee said. Among having Dorthea as a mentor she has found mentors from all over such as Atlanta, and North Carolina. Even having mentors that don't even know they're her mentors. To survive in this business or any business Brownlee feels that it is very important for people to stick together especially being black women, to help and encourage one another. Working with other stylist in the building they plan to come together to help educate young girls and women on hair care with classes.

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