Tarita Preston: Cultivating a Life of Inner Courage

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Vibrant, energetic, fierce but poised, all in one petite package. That was the vibe Tarita Preston exuded on a warm Thursday evening, when we met in downtown Cincinnati. Preston is a Chief Coach at thecuratedcoach.com where she helps people in their professional or personal lives to get the life they desire. She has helped people from various backgrounds such as executives, attorneys, and housewives achieve their highest potential and surpass their goals. Coaching was not always in the plans for Preston, but once she recognized her talent and the power see processed she took her gift and made it her mission to help people to cultivate a life of inner courage.

Not sure of what see wanted to do, she earned two master degrees. First, being in Political Science, where she quickly learned that people really didn't care about the issues but more so the candidates likability. Her second was in Human Resource, which she ultimately chooses this path to follow. She worked six years for a pretty well-known company doing HR developing, hiring recruitment, and HR strategy. Within that company she started coaching. Having her own powerful coaching experience, she knew that she wanted to make that same impact in other people's lives. Preston took coaching classes and got further validation from classmates when she became the go to person for her viewpoint and her personal opinion on different topics.

"So I was somebody who since high school was reading about self-actualization. I like to take personal developmental classes. Going into a room of 200 people, working on my shit and crying my eyes out was something that I found interesting. So um, it was kind of like a natural fit" Preston said.

Although coaching has been something that came natural to her, there were times she needed her strong support system of family and friends to get her back on track. People like her best friend Catherine is always in her corner rooting and giving her sound advice. For any #melaningirl that may be struggling with anxiety or just need ways to boost their confidence, Preston has 5 ways to combat those negative feeling:

1. Separate stories from facts:

People tend to add stories around the facts

2. Stop using fear as an excuse:

"When you start to feel uncomfortable that is when you should want to expand" Preston says” Most of us shrink. It's like we touch and we kind of want to back up, but that is when you really want to start to grow. You want to lean in, you want to get comfortable being uncomfortable."

3. Life is for you:

"You are the hero of your life and stand in that."

4. Slow down:

"Slow down, don't be so anxious. Advice that I would give myself" she laughed, "everything works out for the greater good."

5. Live 5% bolder:

"So when you really want to start to transform you can kind of look at it as just get 5% bolder. Like if people became 5% bolder, what would you be doing? If you got 5% better at speaking your truth or standing your ground or leaning into conflict or leaning into just, just being uncomfortable. Like you can actually make some really profound strides in your life and it doesn't have to be I have to give 180%. For some it's sending that email. It's showing up to that meeting. It's like, just stating our point of view."

As Preston continues to grow and expand her coaching to as many people as she can, she looks forward to reaching people internationally and in Hollywood, "I want to impact larger audiences. Coach people like Issa Rae. Run a transformational workshop in really exotic places and be a service to my community" she explained. "I want to be thoroughly used”.

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