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Review: Edge Naturale the Hair Vitamin Supplement for Fuller and Thicker Hair

Updated: May 12, 2021

In the market for a new hair vitamin? Look no further, Edge Naturale has the hair vitamins that will have your hair flourishing. I have tried a few hair vitamins in my day and none quite worked out. I had the opportunity to try Edge Naturale Hair Vitamins for 30 days and if you want to hear what happened continue reading.

First, let me give you the description of the vitamins and what it is supposed to do, "Stimulate your follicles without harsh chemicals, carcinogen or scary side effects. Visibly increase hair density, while reducing hair loss from combing and washing". The specs are:

  • FDA approved

  • plant-based

  • Cruelty-free

  • Formulated with 28 vitamins, minerals, and herbs

  • 60 tablets per bottle

My initial thoughts from first receiving the bottle and opening it are that it did not have the best smell and the pills are fairly large (which isn't a huge problem for me, but if you do have trouble with bigger pills it will take some getting used to). There isn't any bad after-taste once you ingest the pill. It is recommended that you take them twice daily, preferably with a meal. I incorporated this into my daily routine for the first 3 weeks and here are my result below.

I saw a significant amount of hair growth within the first few weeks. During my time of me taking the hair vitamins, I had a protective style as you can see, and eventually had to get my hair re-braided. It is now the end of my 30-day trial, my bottle is completely empty and it is definitely time for me to take my braids out from all the new growth I had gained. My final thought on this product from Edge Naturale is that it is a great product to add to your daily routine. Most pills make me nauseous and break me out. I did not experience that while taking these pills. Also, I notice from the new growth coming in, it felt thicker than I normally notice. All and all I have no complaints about the hair vitamin just an amazing experience. Plus for a 30-day supply, it's only $24.99! You can't beat that. So head on over to click here and order you a bottle to help you along your healthy hair journey!

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