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Quick And Easy Hairstyles Using Braiding Hair

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

DIY projects are very popular right now so why not DIY your hair! Today, I’m going to give you 5 different ways to DIY your hair using braiding hair! To get the best results do these styles on blow dried or stretched hair.

1. Box Braids

Of course, when seeing braiding hair everyone automatically thinks of Box Braids. Well, having box braids done at a shop can sometimes cost a pretty penny, but this technique will help you save your coins. The rubber band method is a quick, easy, diy to getting box braids at home. To achieve this look, part out each box and rubber band it. After you’ve parted each box, start at the band and braid around it going down. After you have done each braid proceed to dip them in hot water and accessorize as you please!

2. Dramatic Ponytail:

This style can be done as a high or low pony, the technique is the same regardless. This look is probably one of the easiest and most sleek. Start by slicking your hair to the position you like and securing your real hair into a ponytail. Then taking you braiding hair and using the band that comes on it put it around your real ponytail. When you have your braiding hair onto your ponytail, separate one small piece of braiding hair to use to wrap around the elastic at the end. Then grabbing both, your real hair and your braiding hair, begin braiding going down. For a longer ponytail, add in hair as you continue to braid. The more hair you add the longer it will be. Thickness of this ponytail depends on your preference and the amount of hair you use. For a thicker ponytail use two packs of hair. Once you have finished braiding all the way down, secure the braid with an elastic band at the end and take the piece that was separated earlier and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. This style can be done in one ponytail, two ponytails, three, or four ponytails.

. Braided Top Knot:

If you’ve been wearing your high braided pony a few days and it’s starting to look worn, there’s no need to take it down just yet. It just needs a revamp! For this style, half the work is already done. Take your worn high pony and wrap it around the base of the pony to form a bun then secure with a bobby pin.

4. Braided Crown:

The braided crown is play off the low braided ponytail. All you do to achieve this elegant style is take your low pony and begin wrapping it

around the perimeter of your head. In order to secure the crown in place use as many bobby pins as you feel necessary. A sleek, elegant, high-class look done in 5 short minutes.

5. Bantu Knots:

This style has been seen on everyone from Rihanna, Teyana Taylor, Cardi B, and even Beyonce, with each beauty adding their own twist to it. This style may also be the trickiest to achieve so pay close attention. Start by parting and securing each of your sections with a rubber band. Once you have secured your sections, two strand twist your natural hair and using a crotchet needle pull the braiding hair through the base of your twist. After getting your braiding hair through the base of your twist, use your braiding hair to cover your real hair and begin to twist downward. As you are twisting your hair downward, begin wrapping your twist around itself as it will for a ball. Once you have gotten it into the shape of a ball secure the end in place with a small bobby pin.

All of these styles can be achieved for as low as $15 and completed from the comfort of your own home. Adding different jewels, jewelry, and personal touches to these styles can escalate them for an even better effect! Some personal touches that can elevate these looks are extra braids, curling the ends, and of course slaying your baby hairs the way you do!

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