New Year, New Me #MOOD

It's something magical about the new year. It could be the feeling you get to start fresh and hit the reset button or maybe its the spirit of motivation in the air. That fire in your belly to set new resolutions or continue working on the same ones, either way the vitality of determination is at an all time high and this year, Is. Your. Year. Yup, it is something really and truly magical about the new year. After months of running around, getting side track and enjoying too much of the food during the holiday season, I would definitely say the start of the new year and a clean slate is much needed. But as we go into this new year, new me season what does it actually mean and how long does it last? Is it something we all just say or do we honestly mean it? I know, I know your probably thinking of course we mean it. We said it didn't we? Okay, well let's be "for real for real" how many of us still has the same goals from last year and the year before that and the year before that? I'm not knocking you, greatness takes time to happen. When it come to the start of the new year I want you all to be mindful of your goals and to not just get caught up in at the hype of the "new year, new me" mood. To actually think about your goals. To reflect and see what hindered you last year. I don't want you to dwell in your past mistakes, but recognize them and use them to further your dreams. Make a plan and what I mean by plan, I mean make a plan that is realistic. That will help you to moving closer to your ultimate goal. Even baby steps are still steps in the right direction. We all have these amazing ideas in our mind that will change how the world works, but the difference between the people that are living their dream and the people that have great ideas, is they actually took their idea out of their mind and put it to work. So don't be intimidated, start that business plan, create that YouTube channel. Whatever it is, just start it and don't stop there. continue. No matter how hard it get keep going! As your journey continues remind yourself each everyday that you are further than where you were before. So as this "new year, new me" season begins, let's not get caught up in the moment, but let it be #mood all year long and the year after that and the year after that. You are the magic that makes the start of the new year magical.


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