My Body Through the Lens of Social Media

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

"Slim thick witcho cute a**" or "24, 34, 46 good and thick and once you get she'll work wit" or how about "I'm looking for a dime that's top of the line, cute face slim waist with a big behind" and we can't forget about this throwback "baby give 5'5 brown eyes with the thick lips thick thighs with slim hips". Yes all these songs are smash hits and got the party jumping and still does, but besides being club bangers, these songs have something else in common. In each of these songs they describe a depiction of their ideal woman, which is nice and curvy. Just like these songs along with many other popular tracks, they have the same common theme in them, a girl that has the perfect body, which is a small waist with curvy hips and thighs. This may seem to be harmless, but in fact this cookie-cutter image of the perfect girl can have a huge impact on young girls and women consciously and subconsciously.

Since the innovation of technology and the consistent upgrade of apps that make it easier to get the latest social media, it has allowed people in today's world to easily access social media and media in general to be consumed at a rate faster than ever. People no longer have to wait to get home to catch up on the latest news. We now have the convenience of our mobile phone that can do just about everything in the palm of your hand from anywhere. According to the family technology education non-profit group, Common Sense Media, on average teen spends about 9 hrs a day consuming media . For tweens between the ages 8-12 the average is nearly 6 hrs a day. Now I know that your probably thinking, what does this has to do with body image?The answer is a lot. Since we are able to get online whenever and where ever it make us more susceptible to the pressure of social media.

As we may all know tweens and teens are very impressionable. That is why there are multiple commercials and ads geared towards them and advertisers spare now expense trying to influence them to buy the latest trend. Just like tweens and teen can be influence by different kinds of ads they are are also influence by social media and media in general. At that particular time period teens and tweens are more vulnerable because they are trying to figuring out who they are and look towards media for what is being accepted. This is how media can play a huge role in how they view themselves and what they see in media, especially girls. As a young girl growing up I found myself comparing and feeling like I had to look like what I saw and heard.

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